June Discord Painting Challenge

Welcome to our first monthly discord painting challenge! This month is Kaijune!

1. This month our challenge will be focused on Mechs, robots, city destroying monsters, large evil bugs, that stuff in general. No color restrictions this month!

2. Model type – Anything goes as long as you paint up a Mech, Robot, Dreadnought, Kaiju, huge alien bug, reptilian monster, etc. make sure it’s got the ability to destroy cities or save them I guess.

3. Post your pic of your model with your discord handle and date as a starting point steering on June First (1st) can not be any farther along then built and primed (how ever you want to prime it is fine!)

4. Post at minimum the completed model by June 30st. You can definitely post progress pics if you want, but you may not want to give it away early! Your first and last pics must be posted in this thread. All others can be in the Wip Section of the Painting Event Channel!

product(s) you used in it.

6. Remember, this isn’t a competition to find the best painter. We’ll have the community vote on the models based on how well you followed the prompt and how fun and interesting your finished model is. We will only vote on painted models from posts that meet the criteria above. Voting will take place in the voting channel and begin the last few days of the month. EVERYONE AT EVERY SKILL LEVEL IS INVITED TO PARTICIPATE! Cool things will be given to cool people. Now Go!!!

We will be doing a paint and take for the first week of June that will be featuring models that will work very well for this challenge! We also have a large selection of Monsterpocylpse that is perfect for this challenge in store now!