Lorcana Weekly Meetups

League play every Saturday 2pm-5pm.

League play every Tuesday 6pm-9pm.

Sign-up at : https://melee.gg/Tournament/View/20834

Announcing Lorcana League play at Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy ® Columbus.

  • The Disney Lorcana league emphasizes fun and community over competition and winning.
  • League play take place over 12 weeks and is designed for casual play and collectors.
  • Players collect points, win or lose, by participating in Disney Lorcana matches (best two of three games).
  • Points can also be earned through Lorcana-related activities, such as teaching someone to play Lorcana
  • Prizes are awarded to most or all League participants; top finishers receive a small additional prize

To unenroll after 09/18/2023 9:00 PM PDT you must contact the organizer.