Warhammer 40K Tournament

Warhammer 40K Tournament

When: Saturday, July 23rd, starting at 11:00 am.

1000 point incursion tournament. Matched Play Scoring. Prize support from Games Workshop and Dragon’s Lair.

$10 entry fee (pay at register day of event)

Three matchmade round cumulative scoring. There will be a separate category for a prize based on the best painted army.

Tournament will start at 11:00 but we recommend all players show up at opening to be matchmade and prepared with 2 copies of their lists. One for the Tournament Organizers, and one for themselves/opponents to look at.

A rulebook will be provided by the Tournament Organizer, but it is important that players bring their own codex.

Please email dragon@dlaircolumbus.com to make your reservation.

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