Zombie Star Wars Legion

Date: Monday October 31s5
Start Time: 5pm

The event is free to anyone that brings their own legion models/cards. If you buy your Legion model in store, help can be provided to build/paint your Legion model the Thursday before the event.

You can also participate in the event for $10. You will receive a generic Star Wars themed paint-and-take model.

You can also rent units for the event for the price of $5.

It is a quiet evening on Tatooine when you decide to go and see the local Jizz Wailers performing in town. When you get into town you see a sandstorm on the horizon. You quickly get inside to see the band.
About an hour into the set you can hear the storm raging outside. You also hear groans and moaning coming from the door. You go to the door and open it to a horde of stormtrooper zombies.
You and your fellow music connoisseurs must escape the zombies, and save the Jizz Wailers.

Make Your Character
Bring any Star Wars Legion Commander or Operative that is spec’d out to be below 120 points

Full rules and more information here:


Any questions please feel free to contact Adam Frazee at frazeeat@gmail.com